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Get Involved

Become a Travel With Purpose Ambassador! 


Get involved by becoming a TWP ambassador! You can get involved by creating awareness and/or fundraising! Send an email to for more info. With your help we can leave footprints of hope and kindness all around the world!



  • Fundraise – Set a monetary goal to fundraise with your network. All donations are tax deductible as we are 501c3. 

  • Partnerships – Know anyone that has a business? Ask the business to donate a percentage of their revenue for a designated time period. We can cross promote their business on all of our social media platforms and through our database of 7k subscribers 

  • Events – Create events such as a potlucks, car washes, bake sales and donate the proceeds to our campaign

  • Awareness – Create awareness about our campaign. Share our posts, invite your friends and family to like our page and spread the word!

  • School Organizations / Clubs - Want to start a TWP club at your school?

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